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Jade Cross ~
I really enjoyed Millie’s Jade Cross. It’s the last book in a fascinating series starting in the early days of the 1900’s Boxer rebellion in China. These missionaries, sometimes called white Chinese, traveled up and down the Yangtze River preaching the Word of God. While enduring great hardships and even the loss of family members, these courageous disciples of God bought faith and kindness to many Chinese. You might think this is just a Christian book, but it’s so much more. There is mystery, romance, suspense and even a hint of espionage intertwined with real facts about the history of China. It’s a mesmerizing book!
Melissa Rees, writing buddy and author of mysteries

A Missionary Memoir by Millie's father ~
This memoir is comfortably short, easy to follow, and packed full of very interesting pictures. What a fascinating and unique history Fred Nelson and his family have, but mixed with tragedy as well. This memoir, among other sources, laid the foundation for author Millie Samuelson's "fictional" novels Hungry River and Dragon Wall, lending even more mystic and wonder within their family history in China over the past century. I highly recommend this book
Paul Brown, author with similar Taiwan background    

Hungry River (new 2015 cover, same story) ~
Like Millie, I too am the child of missionaries to China, and we escaped the Chinese Communists by traveling down the Yangtze River in 1950. Even though I was four years old, I still have memories of the men pushing on long oars at the front and back of our san-pan. I remember sitting on the roof of the motor launch as we traveled turbulent water between the high cliffs of the Three Gorges. For me, this book resurrects details of a river and the people along it. It awakens memories of great loss, great sacrifice and great happiness.      
~ Don Webster, retired commercial airline pilot and MK friend. For his full review: jali.net/yangtze/index.htm

Dragon Wall ~
Those of you who had the pleasure of reading Millie's "Hungry River" will not want to miss its sequel. A poignant, personal, and illuminating account of a slice of history, Dragon Wall takes us to early 20th-century China, through World War II and into the communist era under Chairman Mao. What qualifies her to write such a tale? She was there; indeed, she has written herself into the story as one of the fictional characters. For the historical enthusiast who enjoys the personal touch an author who lived and loved the story she writes brings, you have a winner in Dragon Wall. 
Bruce Judisch, author of Katia and other amazing novels
   For his full review: Amazon.com  

Women of the Last Supper: Fourth Edition ~
Before I got the book, I had seen a couple of its monologs performed, and they were powerful.This book reminds us that Jesus' followers were not all men, and the author paints a realistic picture of each woman along with the men. She did her homework in the research department, yet gives us facts in an interesting and thoughtful way. The book is ideal for church gatherings, study groups, and private meditation. It is also a great place to begin thinking about the roles women played in the beginning of Christianity.    
~ Linda Wells, writer pal and watercolorist 

This book brought a new awareness to me. Women. At the last supper? I had never considered this concept before; however, what a natural phenomenon it would be for women to be present, as they were at the events surrounding the Resurrection. Millie has enlightened me about a group of women close to Jesus. Her style is engaging, her research is impressive, and the book offers a multiplicity for use -- on a personal basis, as a group study, or, each story stands on its own as an individual piece. What a powerful message for any season, but especially pertinent during Lent. 
~ Janythe Plummer, book club member pal

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