A Bit About Millie

I was “made in China” during World War II – the daughter and granddaughter of missionaries of Swedish descent. We were sometimes called “white Chinese” because we lived, dressed, and sounded like our Chinese neighbors. That was especially true of my father who lived nearly his entire life in China and Taiwan.

Not long ago, I was asked if I would choose my life over again. . .

I had been sharing about being a war survivor, growing up with devastation and death all around me in China, including the deaths of my three older brothers. But I had also shared that I grew up feeling like a princess. My missionary and Chinese friends treated me like I was special and wonderful, even though I was “just a female.” 

The best part about growing up in that environment was being surrounded by people of great faith in God. They radiated the joy that comes from those who have literally given up everything to follow Christ, no matter the circumstances.

When I was nine, my family – which now included my younger brother Doug – escaped from China and moved to Taiwan via Hong Kong. What a relief for us to live on that relatively war-free, beautiful island! 

In 1959 I graduated from Morrison Academy in Taiwan. I came to the States for college, where I met and married my husband Dave. Today, we have three wonderful grown children and their families. We have lived, worked, and traveled around the world. Following retirement, we are now settling in Ellettsville, Indiana, to be near one of our sons and his daughter. These day, I enjoy being an author and speaker after 30 years of teaching English and communications. 

I KNOW God has been with me every day of my life, just as I KNOW God will be with anyone who chooses to follow Jesus Christ. These days, I'm sharing through stories this amazing grace of God -- yesterday's stories for today's inspiration. So in a way, I AM choosing to live my life over. Daily I'm reminded how privileged we Christians are – even in death, for that is the beginning of our greatest story yet!

Porters carry Millie up from the Yangtze to Wuhan in 2007 ~ similar to the way 
her grandparents were carried there for their wedding photo in 1895.