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 Nathaniel Hawthorne: 
Lessons from an Early American Homeschooler. 
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A word of background:
Growing up in mid-twentieth century China and Taiwan, I, Millie, saw how the Christian faith gave dignity and freedom to Chinese women and girls. Not only were their feet unbound, but also their hearts and lives.

That observation has led me to become an advocate for women's rights, and also inspired me to write historical novels about my Asian heritage. Plus I have written first-person stories about the women disciples of Jesus likely present at the Last Supper – women who have long been overlooked.

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HOMESCHOOLERS say the historical novels in author Millie's China/Taiwan trilogy are excellent resources for unit studies. One family of home educators took a "field trip" to China after reading them! Another homeschool family emailed her: "Your books are a gold mine for families doing unit studies and Charlotte Mason type homeschooling." Thanks heaps, special homeschool reader friend Jane Denney in Indiana!

Nestorian Monument photo:
    This monument and the secret Stone Ten Keepers are featured in my historical trilogy: Hungry River, Dragon Wall, and Jade Cross. Sculpted in 781, the Nestorian Monument, now stands in the Forest of Steles Museum in Xian along with 3000 ancient monuments. 
    It has intrigued my China and Taiwan missionary family for more than a century, beginning with my Nelson grandparents who moved to China in 1892. They first learned about it while it was still standing in the Xian countryside. My father inherited his fascination for the monument from his parents, and I from him. (Both he and I were born and raised in the Xian area.) 
    The monument proclaims the spread of Christianity in China in the 8th century. After Christianity fell out of favor in the 9th century, it was buried to protect it and its followers from their Imperial enemies. Not until 1625 was it rediscovered by a farmer and raised to stand again.
Also released: Millie's TRILOGY STUDY GUIDE for her historical novels: Hungry River, Dragon Wall, and Jade Cross. Kindle version is $1.99 from